Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Best Phones To Buy in 2014

This year promises to be the year of companies pushing the limits of what they can cram into mobile devices (2K display anyone?) and here are some of the devices that will rule the roost this year;

- Galaxy S5 (Due March 2014)
- LG G3 (Due March 2014)
- HTC M8(One successor) (Due March 2014)

- Sony Z2 (Due March 2014)

- Galaxy Note 4 (due October 2014)
- Sony Z2 Ultra (due September 2014)
- Nexus 6 (due October 2014)

- iPhone 6 (Due Sep/Oct 2014)


- Microsoft/Nokia Lumia 1030?(the successor to the 41Megapixel 1020 due May 2014)


  1. Got 14 months yet! So will probably be HTC One 3rd gen, hopefully with dual SIM & expandable memory

  2. Sounds good I'm sure technology would have rolled on at an incredible pace during that time. Something to look forward to.